Best Free IDM Alternatives: The Better Way Of Downloading Files

So you are looking for (IDM Alternatives) Internat Download Manager Alternatives? Great

Here we bring  Top 10 alternatives to Internet Download Manager (IDM) that you can use to download the files from the internet in the same way as IDM does it.

All the IDM alternatives are listed below with their free version downloading links.

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is one amongst the most useful resource to download things from the web, quicker and safer. It entirely boosts the download speed by up to five times.

If your laptop/pc were accidentally shutdowns, or the web connection lost or the other problem while downloading that your download would not be ready to continue. Then IDM provides you the flexibility to resume those downloads simply.

The problem with IDM (Internet download manager) is that it is expired in 30 days. So to continue our downloads, we need free tools which work like IDM.

IDM Alternatives Best Internet Download Manager Alternatives

All The IDM Alternatives With Free Download Links.

Here is a list of top 10 IDM alternatives which are available here for 100% free download.

You can download all the downloading tools by just clicking on the download links button. No pop up no ads, just download your required software and Enjoy!!!

1: JDownloader.

jdownloader best idm alternative

JDownloader is a free alternative to IDM for downloading things from the internet; it is a massive list of developers who work on Downloader and create downloads as quickly as it should to be.

Same as web download Manager you will be able to begin, pause, resume, and stop downloads. You will be able to schedule your downloads additionally and might save bandwidth if you use a restricted web device. It makes the downloads up to 100 pc quicker and saves your precious time.

It is best and fantastic alternative and works fine on Windows, MAC, Linux and many more.

Great Features In JDownloader.


  • Best, Powerful, Amazing and Great alternative to the Internet download manager.
  • JDownloader is Easy To Use. The JDownloader the best downloading originally look a little intimidating, in work, it is wonderfully simple and easy to use for users.
  • Fastest Web Downloader: JDownloader is very fast, secure and speedest downloader.
  • Totally Free. JDownloader is the genuine direct download manager for Windows & Mac Linux, and it is totally free to use for anyone and anywhere in the world.
  • Works On Different Operating Systems. The JDownloader supports many operating systems are given below in the screenshot.

What New In JDownloader 2?

The new version of JD comes with these amazing features,

  • Quiet and automatic updates.
  • Improved in speed and performance.
  • Enhanced User Interface & Experience.
  • The JD comes for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
  • Many more features to explore.

Download JD For Free Now

2: Eagleget.

Eagleget 2nd IDM Alternative

Eagleget one of the most powerful and amazingly easy to use download managing tool for users. The downloading tool EG is a free all-in-one web download manager. It can be added to Chrome, MS Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera Browser, offering support for HTTP, and HTTPS protocol and as well FTP, MMS and RTSP protocol.

Moreover, it considered being the best alternative to internet download manager.

Great Features In EagleGet Downloader.

EagleGet Downloader

  • Fantastic Download Speeder: The Eagleget is a fantastic and powerful download speed booster. EG Downloader uses advanced & excellent multi-threaded technology to quicken downloads by splitting files into several parts and then transferring them together. Thus the increase of the download speed goes up to 6/8 times.
  • The EG Downloader Schedule and Control Downloading Jobs Smartly: It gives you best control of your downloads. You can schedule multiple download files, kind downloads by different criteria, perform speed limiting, or even remove unnecessary downloaded date and files physically. 
  • It supports all kind of browsers: Yes, the, e.g., downloader control and support all browsers including Google Chrome, MS Explorer, Firefox and all others.
  • EagleGet downloader also can refresh expired downloads address.
  • You can download files anywhere.
  • Total Security: EG downloader provides automatic malware remover and file integrity verifier system which scan your file download completion.
  • Moreover, many more amazing features for you.

Download EagleGet For Free Now.

3: Free Download Manager.

Free Download Manager best IDM Alternatives

Free Download Manager (FDM) is entirely free and powerful downloading system for Windows and Mac operating system users.

It is the ability to fast, secure and resume broken download. It works fine and fantastic and just easy to use.

FDM also supports the downloading of videos from the favorite sites like youtube, facebook, Dailymotion and many more.

Great Features Of FDM.

  • BitTorrent Supported: With the FDM you can download torrent files using BitTorrent protocol.
  • Powerful Download Speed. FDM gives you the power of speed to download any file with fastest maximum available speed.
  • Resume Any Broken Download: FMD also gives you the ability to download any accidentally shutdowns downloads due to pc/laptop shutdown, or any internet connection problem.
  • FMD Free and Safe: The Free Download Manager (FDM) is free, open-source application issued under GPL license.
  • Comes With a Modern Design: FDM is genuinely unique and impressive to use.
  • FDM Site Explorer: The Site Explorer of FDM lets you view the folders structure of a website and quickly/quickly download necessary files or folders.
  • Moreover, Lots of more features.

Download FMD Now For Free.

4: Download Accelerator Plus (DAP).

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) is an excellent alternative to Internet Download Manager (IDM).

Which offers the almost same features as IDM provides. The DAP downloader offers you the swift acceleration on every download with a complete set of download tools.

The DAP has created for easy to download things quicker, sander and safer.
Explore all the specialties of DAP, download the newest version of DAP by clicking the button below and see why over 300 million users are using DAP as there internet downloads management. Before you download it lets check some great features of it.

Great Features Of Download Accelerator Plus (DAP).

  •  Fast Files Downloading: DAP gives your pc and internet connection the ability to download files as fast as possible.
  • Resume broken & pause downloads facilities. 
  • Stop you from broken downloads: The DAP lets you know what’s behind the download link by scanning it with DAP link checker feature. Before you click or try to download it.
  • Video Download Ability: This software helps you to download videos and songs from popular sites like youtube, Dailymotion and many more.
  • Downloading Security: The DAP gives you the total security of files when you download.
  • And many more features of DAP

Download DAP Now For Free.

5: uGet Download Manager.

UGet is another open source downloading system available for Linux, BSD, Android, and Windows operating systems.

The uGet is a very Strong and excellent web files download manager tool with an extensive list of features but is still very light-weight and low on resources on pc.

Great Features of UGet.

  • Resume your Downloads: If suddenly your internet connection drops out you just don’t have to worry, because you can start right back where the download was left.
  • Support Multiple Protocol: The UGet supports downloading files through HTTP, and HTTPS protocol, and as well FTP, BitTorrent* & Metalink)
  • Chain of Downloads: UGet free downloader also gives you the opportunity to add unlimited files at the one time.
  • Moreover, for many more features of Uget Go here.


Download Now it now for PC

uGet for Andriod:

Uget download for Android

You can also download the uGet downloader app from google play store to download any files fast using your smartphones.


Get it now form Play store.

6: Xtreme Download Manager (XDM).

XDM is an incredibly a powerful download managing tool available for many operating systems such as Win, Linux, OS, and Java.

Xtreme download manager (XDM) works on all types of browsers such as Opera, G-Chrome, Firefox-Q, Mac OS and Linux browsers.

XDM lets you download your favorite files easily, secure and fast.

Great Features Of XDM.

  • Download Any Files 10x Faster: The XDM adds the power fo multi-server and makes the downloader as fast as possible.
  • Download any videos from biggest sites like Dailymotion, youtube, Vimeo and much more.
  • Works with All Browsers: All respected browsers support the (XDM) Xtreme download manager.
  • Fix resume and broken downloads: This tremendous downloading tool also contains the functionality to continue your download where you left.
  • Read for more features.

Download XDM from here.

7: NDM/ Ninja Internet Download Manager.

NDM is probably one of the best downloading tools in all (Internet download manager) IDM alternatives list. Comes for windows operating systems.

NDM can perform your download 10x faster by using simultaneous connections technology.

Great Features In NDM? Best IDM Alternative.

  • Download Speed Booster: This fantastic windows downloading software comes with a download accelerator feature.
  • NDM can resume all your pause and broken download as all them of does.
    • Media converter feature: This great software also helps you to convert any media files easily. This is the best feature that must be available on all downloading software.
    • Visus and Marwell scanner of your download files for your computer software.
    • Lots of other best features check here.

Download It Now Free For Pc.

8: FrostWire.

FrostWire is another excellent and powerful fast downloading software available there. It can be considered in the list of IDM Alternatives because of its incredible features.

(FrostWire) The FW add a smart download technique called multipart downloading of files. It splits data into various sections, which are downloaded simultaneously.

So this maximization use of bandwidth doubles averages downloads to speed up to 400%.

Great Features In FrostWire.

  • FrostWire is available for smartphones, PC, Laptops, and MAC.
  • Fast Downloading boosting technique.
  • Search videos and media easily by downloader search box.
  • Resuming of downloads which are broken or paused.
  • moreover, many more features.

Download FrostWire Now.

9: Mipony Download Manager.

Mipony is the completely free alternative to internet download manager software and designed to download files from free hosting web pages like Fileserve, Rapidshare, Hotfile, etc. With Mipony download manager, you do not have to be compelled to worry regarding managing your downloads. Mipony takes care of your every download security.

It is totally similar to IDM.

Check all features from here.


Download Mipony From Here.

10: Orbit Downloader.

Orbit Downloader is doing an excellent download manager, and it has proven to a great IDM alternative, The primary goal of this downloader to give you fasted downloading result and the orbit team is done it.

It helps you to download video/music/files from the foremost standard social media sites like Myspace, YouTube, Imeem, Pandora, Rapidshare, etc.

It makes the overall downloading even easier, quicker and safer to all or any. A number of the good key options by Orbit Downloader.

Download Orbit Downloader Now

Final Words On All IDM Alternatives.

We will soon add all of the software alternatives as soon as possible. I hope you like our share top 10 IDM Alternatives. Don’t forget to share it with social media.

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